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FAQ – SEO Questions 


“What is SEO?”

SEO (for Search engine Optimization) is the practice of properly ranking a site on search engines. A site that benefits from good SEO will be assigned the top spots in organic results when the search is for a keyword related to the site or business.

“How SEO Works?”

First, we need to determine the basics for good SEO: Technical foundation eliminating all blockers – Performant content optimized for keywords – Inbound links popularizing website pages. We start with the foundations and continue with the content and the influence. 

“Why invest in SEO?”

SEO traffic has been shown to outperform other types of traffic when it comes to lead generation. Invest in SEO because it is the best conversion channel your business could have online. Although it is difficult and the road is strewn with pitfalls, you have to ignore the obstacles and start doing it as soon as possible because time is playing against you.


FAQ – Questions about my work

“Do you guarantee your results?”

As a professional SEO consultant, I cannot guarantee any rankings of traffic. It’s impossible to do so, and Google warns against consultants and agencies that offer guarantees.

Search engine rankings are unpredictable and volatile, just as stock prices are.

However, I promise to provide you with a thorough audit and the best possible recommendations to increase your traffic and outrank your competitors.

“How long does an SEO audit take?”

Typically, an SEO assessment and strategy can take 30 days and up to 90 days or more depending on the size of the project.
Once I know the size of your website, and your exact needs and goals for conducting the audit, I will suggest a timeline.

“What do I need to get started?”

I ask for 40% of my fee upfront.
Once I receive your deposit, and before our work together, I will ask you to fill out my intake form where you can provide login credentials to grant me access to your website, server, analytics, and other related functionality.

Lastly, I also ask for some basic information regarding your personas, business, products, services, staff, and goals to help me in my research.

“How do you Protect our data and Digital Privacy?”

As a consultant, I sign a particular legal document or agreement to assist in articulating the terms of a consultant non-disclosure agreement.

Also, I do not connect Google Analytics accounts, Adobe Analytics or any other platforms like Google Search Console or any data without notifying you or verifying the security of each tool. Next, Each connection made will be destroyed at the end of the work.

“Will you work at our location?”

I work on all projects remotely and usually conduct virtual meetings over Zoom, Google Meet or Teams, and chats over Slack.
However, in some cases (such as for privacy or security reasons, or for larger projects), I can travel to your location if necessary, and any travel costs, lodging, and incidentals are extra.